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​Dana is unique​. She brings a combination of expertise, experience, authority, warmth, confidence, manners, respect for your boundaries and hers, that invites trust. She pays great attention to detail, is genuinely a good listener, curious and committed to giving you what you want, is patient, and highly competent in crisis. She has a sense of humor and can take over in situations that might feel overwhelming in a given moment. She is supportive, respectful and knows when to recede. She follows through on what she says she will do, backs it up with documentation and is capable of acknowledging an error and remedying. I recommend her without reservation. - LF

Excellent at coordinating my day to day, managing my medical insurance bills and paperwork, as well as managing the vendors who come and go in my home! - CA

Dana and her team have access to highly sensitive personal information ranging from access to my passwords, bank and credit accounts, and my home in general. They have proven to be a reliable and trustworthy resource in my life as I age. - TK


Dana's work was detailed and thorough. She is a trustworthy and responsible consultant who easily works independently and delivers on a consistent basis. She is able to meet the demands of employment which often requires a swiftly changing schedule and she is adept at balancing various persons and parties concurrently. - AA



​Dana is someone who sees the big picture as well as the details and she is also extremely trustworthy which is crucial for this type of working relationship. - PH

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