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We make the most of your time.

Happen Mgt provides customized, tailored, and fully personalized management for your life, your home, your household projects, and your family needs. We serve select clientele on an array of projects including household management, residential renovations, and general project organization all related to supporting the family.

Hiring help and reaching out for support are realities of life today. There is no avoiding it, it takes a village in more ways than one. At Happen Mgt, we are discreet and trusted; we partner with you to get it all done. Best of all, we meet with you both in person and virtually as needed.

Whether you require expert coordination of larger endeavors related to household management, such as large-scale project completion and event management, or if you are simply in need of assistance with the day to day tasks on your family's ongoing to-do list; leave it to us to make it happen.

Our clients say they cannot live without us (Really!) Full client list available upon request.


Interested in learning more? Reach out!


Having identified a niche need within the private service industry, Happen Mgt was established as a lifestyle and household management agency focused exclusively on supporting private HNW families on a consulting basis in NYC. We have since expanded to DC, Philadephia, North Carolina among other locales.


Happen successfully serves multiple families simultaneously; seamlessly coordinating projects and final deliverables for each. We will work independently or as part of a team collaborating with industry professionals sourced from a well-developed network of dependable vendors and private service industry contacts.

Happen was born from the understanding that when things are organized they naturally run more effectively, efficiently, and predictably. Organizing results in a more calm, and a more centered day to day.

Our founder has more than twenty years of experience in corporate project management, branding design, archive management, and extensive experience in hospitality and luxury household management. 



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